Patient Collection Policy

“In accordance to our financial agreement, patients must acknowledge and assume full financial responsibility for services rendered in accordance with any contractual agreement in place with covering insurances or at the current self-pay rate in place at the time of service.

Payment for co-payments, deductibles and coinsurances are expected at the time services are rendered. Any necessary financial arrangements are to be made prior to treatment. We bill only insurances we are contracted with and the patient is expected to know what coverage they have.
If your insurance requires a referral or authorization, you must have it prior to the time of service. Your appointment will be rescheduled if authorization is not obtained.
During the course of your treatment, separate charges for laboratory, hospital, or anesthesia services may occur. Our office is not responsible for billing these service. You may receive separate bills from these facilities. If you have questions regarding their charges, please contact these facilities directly.

Payment Policy

Woman’s Health Centers requires any patient with a balance equal to or less than $25 to render payment in full in no greater than 30 days from the date the balance was transferred to the patient.

Patient Balances Greater Than 30 Days

Patients with balances greater than 30 days are subject to collection calls, balances requiring payment in full prior to being scheduled for another appointment, and/or accounts being placed with a third-party collections agency. In order to avoid these actions, it is recommended that a patient agrees to a payment plan, card on file, or render payment in full.

In accordance with our Financial Agreement patients have acknowledged and provided consent that any balance not covered or paid for by insurance policies is the legal responsibility of the patient.

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