Many people avoid going to the doctor in general, so it’s not surprising that many women aren’t too eager to make that yearly appointment with their gynecologist either. Especially when you think about the general discomfort that accompanies a physical exam, you might reason that you’re not pregnant and don’t have any significant health issues—so why visit your gynecologist? 

There are actually many reasons why visiting Central Florida gynecologists is vital for your overall health, and here are some of them:

7 Reasons Why Visiting the Gynecologist is Important for Your Health

General Health

Just like you would visit your regular doctor yearly for a checkup, you should visit your gynecologist yearly to assess your overall health so that any issues are caught early. This includes any potential problems with your uterus. It’s vital to perform a clinical breast exam and pelvic exam as well. 

Preventative Care

Consult your gynecologist about how you can live a healthier lifestyle. From advice about your diet to exercise, your gynecologist can give you helpful advice to set you on the right path to better health.

Birth Control

Life changes quickly. You might change your plans for children, or perhaps you need birth control for your heavy periods.

If there wasn’t a birth control option that worked well for you before, ask your gynecologist about it now. These methods change, your body changes, and there’s no one better than your gynecologist to go through which option may work best for you.


If you’re struggling with heavy or painful periods, it’s good to know that you don’t need to just tolerate it and live in pain. Instead, talk to your gynecologist about how you might reduce your pain each month. Discuss how you’re feeling and see if your gynecologist can do anything to make your life easier.


Pain during sex is not normal. You shouldn’t have to struggle with physical discomfort, so talk to your doctor about what you might be able to do to alleviate this.

Don’t hesitate to ask for your gynecologist’s advice about other pains as well. If you have a painful period, your pelvis hurts a lot, or you’re more fatigued than usual, your gynecologist can suggest solutions or tests to check for conditions like endometriosis. They can even help with issues relating to urinary and fecal incontinence as well.

Change in Health

If you notice something in your health has changed, this is a good sign to visit your gynecologist. Some examples are changing periods or irregular vaginal discharge. Your gynecologist will be able to tell you more about it or arrange for any tests.

Urinary Issues

Your gynecologist is trained to deal with not only your uterus, but with the interconnected systems too. Consult your gynecologist if you see blood when you urinate, or if you’re having trouble relieving yourself. It may be a little embarrassing to talk about it, but your gynecologist is the best person to help you.


It’s important to know that you should visit your obgyn, even if you’re not pregnant or don’t have any significant health problems that you’re aware of. Your obgyn helps with regular checkups and medical advice to keep you in good health. Call us today to schedule a visit with one of our gynecologists.