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Removal of Essure Coils

Our experienced gynecological surgeons have the best solutions to resolve your post tubal syndrome. We offer minimally invasive techniques to solve any issue you are experiencing with minimal impact on your life and body.

Some women experience side effects from their Essure sterilization procedure. These side effects can include uterine cramping, pelvic pain, pelvic pressure and abnormal bleeding after the coils have been inserted. More generalized symptoms include joint aches, skin rash, fatigue, decreased libido and regret. A hysterectomy is often recommended to treat these more generalized symptoms, but we recommend simply removing the Essure coils. Side effects experienced by patients who have undergone Essure sterilization will resolve when the Essure coils are removed.

After consulting with you about your goals and motivations for removing the Essure micro inserts we will recommend the best way forward for you.

We will advise a procedure which successfully solves the specific issue you are experiencing and you can expect to recover in about two weeks.


The option we offer for Essure Removal is a salpingectomy, which is a total removal of the Fallopian tubes.

Our experienced, qualified gynecological surgeons consult with you and advise if this is the best procedure for your situation. We specialize in minimally invasive techniques and will work with you to resolve your medical condition.