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About Us

Woman’s Health Centers is a practice that strives to stress the importance of our motto, “Wellness, Healing, Community.” We accomplish this through the endeavors of our leadership team, who share knowledge, resources, and tools to help our providers and staff protect and grow our practice. Our leadership team is comprised of individuals, that work with the best interests of our patients and community in mind.

Krysta Howard


Dr. Michael DeNardis


Dr. Mark Palazzolo


Ashley Zelaya, Sr.

Operations Manager

ShyMeya Hall-Griffin

Sr. Billing Operations Manager

Tiffany Grigsby

Operations Sonography Manager

Cynthia Garcia

Operations Clinical Manager

Robyn Charles

Operations Lead

Gisselle Velez

Kissimmee Supervisor

Sylvia Castillo

Hunter’s Creek Supervisor

Jackie Santos

Poinciana & Celebration Supervisor

Jennifer Mills

Avalon & Oviedo Supervisor